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The application has been developed for visually impaired people. It can effectively help to identify objects in everyday life. In principle it is very simple, and performs its function rapidly and precisely.
It is designed for installation on devices running iOS, such as iPhone phones and iPad tablets.

The application is avalilabla from App Store.

The cheap and easy method of marking objects

Various items can be marked with stickers that you can easily print yourself or obtain from us. You can mark food products, medicine, documents, plates, containers and many other objects in your place. Unprinted stickers are available in stationery stores at affordable price.

The camera of your phone recognizes fresh sticker instantenously and prompts you to record a voice note. The papplication stores your message and every time you point the camera at the sticker, the message is played back.

Don't worry, you won't have to point the camera exactly at the sticker - the application is smart enough to find the sticker in front of the lens.

You'll be surprised how quickly and precisely it works!

To learn more, see the user's guide.